As of 2017-??? hindenburg's only disk has failed and the new server is a used hetzner machine running much of the same on much more overpowered hardware. A study in minimalism, foiled by spinning rust. The new machine has RAID-1 at least.

About hindenburg

Oh the humanity!

Running FreeBSD 10 on Dell blade server with VIA Nano U2250 (1.6GHz), 2 GB ECC RAM, 500GB Seagate Laptop Hybrid HDD with 8GB MLC NAND SSD cache and 64MB DRAM cache. Hosted in Iliad DC3, Paris, by FreeBSD 12 on a Hetzner box.

Follows the general naming scheme of naming my computers after catastrophic events caused by human error. For more information about the LZ 129 "Hindenburg", see here.

Services and technologies

Quite a long list for such a low-powered machine, part of the reason for this is that I want to see how much I can actually run here with reasonable performance:

Projects hosted here

Other things people run here

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